a type of electronic test instrument which allows observation of constantly varying signal voltages, especially very fast changes in voltage over time. The oscilloscope can show information which a simple multimeter cannot. The display usually shows as a two-dimensional plot of one or more signals as a function of time. Non-electrical signals (such as sound or vibration) can be converted to voltages and displayed.

Technical Data: Tektronix 2245 100MHz, 4 channel

Spec Sheet: Tektronix 2245 specification sheet

User Manual: Tektronix 2245 operator manual

Leased By: David Kent

Safety Considerations:

  • Often modern digital circuit voltages measured by an oscilloscope are small, but with any measurement of electricity, one should take care to avoid any potential shock.
  • Analysis of circuits from Cathode Ray Tube televisions is extremely dangerous and NOT a beginner's activity. Thousands of volts are involved.

Certification Process:

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