What is A Makerspace?

Meeting Space and Workspace for Creative People in the Community

Our dream is to create a place which provides community, shared tools and a work space which encourages and enables members to build their dreams. Exploring art and technology in a welcoming, respectful, community oriented space while also being a resource to the community at large.

After visiting other makerspaces in Massachusetts and beyond, a group of dynamic, creative individuals has begun the journey to create a place for their work centered in Framingham, the heart of Metrowest Boston. Beginning small, in the homes of the group, these individuals formed the beginnings of a "Do-It-Yourself" community. They started with their own interests and invited others to join in.

Makers are people who like putting things together (sometimes after taking things apart) and enjoy "Do-It-Yourself" opportunities. They take bits and pieces from many sources

Please reach out to us.

In addition to reaching Framingham Makerspace by the email address, you can find out more and interact with the group using several online tools.

facebook Facebook - a place where you can leave messages for the organizing team and others who have already joined or who want to be part of the community.

meetup Meetup - a tool for scheduling meetings

google group Google Groups - a mailing list and forum for the group's discussions.
You will need to ask to join.