Lincoln TIG 200 Welder (in house)                         Hypertherm 45XP Plasma Cutter (this will be used on the CNC plasma cutter) (in house)

Tormach PCNC1100 with 4th axis (in house)     GoTorch CNC plasma cutter (in house)

Pocket NC v2, Tabletop 5 axis CNC mill                    Two more MIG Welders for classes

(ordered 2/21/18, 6 week lead time) Includes             (in house)

Autodesk Fusion 360 license.

ShopBot Buddy CNC router, 4HP spindle, power stick which can sut up to 4'x'8' sheet. 

Includes V-Carve Pro and Fusion 360 licenses (shipping 3/30/18).

Sawstop Table Saw (in house)                          Etching Printing Press (48 inch) (due in June)