Framingham Makerspace is open and accepting new members.  Tours are by appointment only so call or email and we'll set up a tour for you.  Feel free to request a tour even if you're not planning on joining but just want to check out your local makerspace.

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We're getting the front room organized.  Two 3D printers and the PocketNC.  The Prusa MKIII 3D printer is located in the electronics area.

As part of ArtWeekAtHome we created TwitterPoof, a flame effect that was remotely triggered by sending a Tweet to it.  Here is a highlight video of it in operation.


Also pictures of the setup.  Propane poofer. ESP8266 development board running Arduino to receive Tweets over WiFi and activate the poofer solenoid through opto22 module, lab power supply for the poofer solenoid.