As part of ArtWeekAtHome we created TwitterPoof, a flame effect that was remotely triggered by sending a Tweet to it.  Here is a highlight video of it in operation.


Also pictures of the setup.  Propane poofer. ESP8266 development board running Arduino to receive Tweets over WiFi and activate the poofer solenoid through opto22 module, lab power supply for the poofer solenoid.




Creature Illuminated by Changing RGB-UV illumination

Originally intended as a menagerie to be viewed in person during our open house event during ArtWeekMA.

Framingham MakerSpace, with the support of the mayor's office, is organizing an art project created by members of the community at large. We will be installing a field of crochet flowers in the Arlington Street Park in May.

Everyone is invited to participate. Make large flowers crocheted or knitted out of yarn, any colors or design. Ideally, we will use up odd lots and yarn left over from other projects. No need to buy yarn.

This is a great way to keep productive while we stay home (kids too!) and gives us all something to look forward to.

Flowers may be left at the Calahan Center, the Framingham Public Library and the McAuliffe branch as well as the MakerSpace once they are reopened.

We are happy to announce that Sudbury Valley Trustees is also partnering with us to highlight the crisis facing pollinators.

For more information contact Maria at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.